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Why and How to Use Hair Serum as Part of Your Hair Care Routine

Sometimes it seems like perfect hair only exists in pictures. But that’s not really the case - the bouncy, impossibly glossy and deeply hydrated mane of your dreams can be attained at home with the right products. For some, shampoo and conditioner are the extent of a hair care regime, but if a picture-perfect mane is what you have in mind, there are a few more steps. If you’re looking to expand your hair care wardrobe, hair serum can help you reach that tousled, glossy, Cali girl look. The right formula can reveal glass-like shine, tame frizz, and soften your strands. If it’s not part of your regular hair care regime yet, read on to discover why and how to use hair serum no matter your hair type.

What’s a hair serum?

Designed to improve the look and feel of your locks, hair serums can be used as a first step or as a finishing product. So, how do hair serums work? Typically packed full of supportive hair care ingredients, hair serums form a protective barrier over each strand to keep your mane safe from environmental factors like heat and cold, dry weather, pollution and more.

The oil-like texture of hair serum formulas helps tame frizz and supplement moisture, making them ideal to aid with styling while maintaining softness. Pureology hair serums have a lightweight formula, highly concentrated with a carefully selected balance of caring ingredients, so you get hydration without heaviness.


The benefits of hair serums

When you want effortless perfection and your mane is in need of a little something extra, hair serum could be the answer. Pureology hair serums are made with 100% vegan formulas, designed with heat protectant properties and our patented anti-fade complex – but the benefits go even further. Adding hair serum to your styling ritual can help to: 

•    Control frizz
•    Improve texture
•    Reduce tangles
•    Increase moisture
•    Prevent breakage

Achieve immaculate locks at your nearest Pureology salon then learn how to apply hair serum to keep your mane fresh between appointments. 


How to apply hair serum

Designed for any hair type, the ultra-hydrating formulas of Pureology serums for hair are expertly curated to deliver immediate results and the luxe feeling of the at-home spa experience. Use hair serum to revive softness, shine and strength in a few simple steps

1.    Cleanse hair with your favourite Pureology sulfate-free shampoo.
2.    Restore moisture with Pureology conditioner for your hair type.
3.    Massage a pea-sized amount of hair serum in your hands to emulsify.
4.    Rake serum through the lengths of your mane before styling.

Alternatively, smooth over the surface of your strands post styling. Repeat as needed between washes.

To get the most out of your hair serum, discover the best formula for your needs, when to apply it, and how often.


Which hair serum should you use?

When it comes to choosing the right hair serum for your tresses, it’s important to consider your major hair concerns. Whether it’s dry strands thirsty for moisture or dull locks that could benefit from a bright infusion, we’ve got you covered. 

•    Need moisture? Achieve soft, nourished hair with Pureology Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum. A powerful trio of shea butter, vitamin E, and camellia seed oil reveal silky strands with glass-like gloss.
•    Need radiance? Improve texture and boost brightness with Pureology Style + Protect Shine Bright Taming Serum - coriander seed oil helps strengthen hair fibres and prevent breakage for luminous, frizz-free locks. 

How often should you use hair serum?

Perfect hair every day is the dream, and adding hair serum to your styling routine can help achieve it. You might be wondering can you use hair serums daily? Pureology hair serums are paraben and mineral oil free, so you can touch up your mane daily between washes without worrying about product build up. Whether you need to extend the life of washed hair or want the benefits of nourishing ingredients with every style, Pureology hair serums are as versatile as you need them to be.

Should you apply serum on wet hair or dry hair?

When to apply hair serum depends on the formula. Some serums are designed to be smoothed over the surface of already styled hair, like Pureology Style + Protect Shine Bright Taming Serum, which tames fly-aways and enhances radiance. Other formulas are best applied through the lengths of hair before styling to defend against potential damage from heat styling tools. Pureology Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum can be raked through damp or dry hair to help create impeccable, silky-smooth locks.


Hair serums can help you achieve the salon fresh style, which is always sure to stun. When you want a low-key, lived-in look, learn how to get beach waves effortlessly. 

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