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How to Get Beach Waves Effortlessly

Texturised, flowy and full – beach waves have remained on trend for a reason. The look encapsulates a low-key, sun kissed and lived-in style, and its popularity has led hairstylists to develop different ways of achieving it.

Dreamy beach wave curls can be attained at home with the tools you have on hand. Depending on your preference and how much time you have, you can lock in beach hair with or without heated stylers and in a matter of 20 minutes or while you sleep.

The style also flatters every face shape and is versatile enough for different hair lengths and types. To create perfectly textured, summer essentials beach waves, we walk through prep and styling steps with hydrating and strengthening haircare. See how to get beach waves and make them last ahead.

Beach waves hairstyle prep

For nourished, shiny, and healthy-looking beach hair, the right haircare needs to be given ahead of time. Especially for those who style their hair regularly, it’s important that strands are sealed before any shaping or heated tools are used. To enhance this essential style and protect hair growth through each season, tailor your haircare to your hair’s unique needs. Pureology’s Hydrate range moisturisers and returns shine to weak, dry and colour-treated hair. If your hair is coloured or damaged, Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Pureology Hydrate Sheer Conditioner moisturises strands pre-styling, with ingredients like jojoba and wheat protein.

How to achieve beach wave hair 

The beach waves hairstyle isn’t low-key in looks alone. Super simple to achieve, you just need to focus on creating the right ‘S’ shaped curl throughout your layers, with added volume and texture via styling products. There are a few ways you can do this, and some are better suited to certain hair lengths and types than others. As the first step of either method, give your hair beach waves body with a texturising spray. Pureology Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray adds soft texture with movement for that ocean dipped look. 

See which beach wave curls method suits your best below.

1. With heat styling tools

A curling wand is one of the most direct ways to shape beachy curls in hair. Also able to give you beach waves is your straightener – both tools work on a range of hair lengths and types. If using a heated styler, always begin by coating strands with a heat protectant. This protects hair from heat and UV radiation for strong, shiny locks. Pureology Style & Protect Weightless Volume Mousse protects and adds weightless volume and shine. 

1. Divide hair into sections. The thicker your hair type, the more sections are needed. Fine and thin hair types may want to work with bigger pieces of hair to encourage longer styling hold. 

2. If using a curling wand, start with strands near your face. Once you get to the centre, curl in the other direction away from your face – this will give that lived, in, beach waves hair definition. Once finished, wait until hair has cool completely and shake your hair out. 

3. If using a straightener, start at the roots and twist the tool as you glide outwards. Alternate directions for a natural look too. Once finished, wait 3–5 minutes for hair to cool and shake out with fingers. 

2. With an overnight heatless hair ribbon

For a heatless way to achieve beach waves on short hair or long, opt for a curling ribbon. This method is left in overnight, so if you like to get up and go in the morning, this could be the one! For textured and curly hair types, using these tools will give a smoothed final look, but may be nearer to curls than waves. Fine hair types will achieve lift and body, but the style may hold better using heated styler methods.

1. On roughly dried hair (around 80% of the way), spray on texturising Pureology Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray. 

2. Attach the ribbon to the top of your head with a clip and begin twisting strands around it. When finished, flip the ribbon under and back, and tie a scrunchie onto each end. 

3. By braiding hair overnight

Another heatless and overnight option, braids give an effortless, natural, just-returned-from-beach hair look. For a tighter shape twist hair as your braid – loose waves can be achieved with just one braid. Begin by ensuring hair is detangled and almost dry – this ensures hair won’t be knotted when removing the braids. To keep structure and shape in the morning, top up your texture spray and shake out curls with fingers. 

 How to make beach hair last longer

To keep your beach waves intact throughout the day, the aftercare products can help. Naturally strong and nourished hair will be able to hold shape better, so the right haircare is integral. We recommend giving hair time to rest between heat styling sessions to protect hair strength. Other ways to extend the hold time of beach wave curls include:

• Reducing frequency of washes. While the right shampoo, conditioner and leave-in mask promotes healthy strands, over-washing your hair can also strip it of natural oils. Around 3 washes per week or less is typically enough for most hair types. 

• Use a dry shampoo. Products like Pureology Style + Protect Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo can be used to add holding texture. Simply spray a little to the roots area and tussle out.

Found this article helpful? Keep reading to discover how to make your blowout last longer. 

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