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Hair Trends in 2023 That Will Instantly Refresh Your Look

It’s never too late to make a statement this year by taking a cue from these top, stunning hair trends that this season has to offer.

Out with the old and in with the new (at least when it comes to your hair). If you ever find yourself in a hair slump, it could be a sign that your hair care routine needs an update and its time to repair your damaged hair. No matter what your reason is for wanting to make a change, hitting the reset button just in time for winter has never been easier. Read on for six easy tips on how to repair your damaged hair before winter by updating your hair care routine.


Auburn Hair Colour Trend


What Do We Mean by Auburn Hair?

Ah, auburn. It sounds a little like autumn, and that's a pretty great analogy for this vibrant and warm shade of red. As the weather turns cold and leaves start turning red, why shouldn’t your hair? This timeless hue can help take your look to the next level and can even brighten up your appearance. While tawny and strawberry shades look best with fair complexions, olive and medium complexions look stunning against auburn hair.

How to Care For Auburn Hair

The last thing that you want is your hair’s red vibrancy to wash down the drain, so keep your stunning shade in check with a moisturising powerhouse duo like Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner.


Ash Brown Hair Colour


Why Is It Called Ash Brown Hair?

Think of brown splashed with a hint of grey (ash!) to produce a unique, sophisticated colour, and you get ash brown hair. Persistently popular and extremely flattering on neutral and cooler skin tones, this gorgeous hue is low-key enough to not draw an overload of attention while still making hair look amazing.

Hair Care Routine For Ash Brown Hair

To achieve the ash brown colour, a lightening service is often required to ensure that the toner can do its job and make this brunette truly cool. Because of this, it's worth considering returning some integrity to your hair and maintain its tone with the Strength Cure Blonde system. For additional reasons why you should consider purple toning hair care for this particular shade of brunette, check out our article 'Why You Should Use Purple Shampoo, Even If You’re Not Blonde'.


A Pop of Pastel Pink Hair


The Evolution of Pastel Pink Hair

No longer just a spray on hair colour at kids parties or a temporary fashion dye, pastel pink hair has come a long way and established itself as a mainstay of fashion forward hair enthusiasts everywhere, allowing a range of expressions from the edgy to elegant. If an all over pastel seems like too much of a commitment, try accents of peek-a-boo colour instead.

Tips for Looking after Pastel Pink Hair

Whether you’re adding pastels to colour-treated blonde hair or need to lift hair colour first, deep conditioning is a must. By using a rinse-out mask like Strength Cure Superfood Treatment, you can restore and breathe strength into weak hair, so that pastel hue has the perfect backdrop to shine. You can also consider the Color Fanatic Clear Top Coat Glaze for an instant refresh that conditions and enhances shine.


Caramel Hair


Is Caramel Hair Brunette, Blonde, or Both?

Another autumn favourite, caramel hair colour is a delicious blend of a rich, warm toned browns and golds. Bring a little colour back to your complexion as the weather gets a cooler with this stunning shade that’s sure to turn heads. Small highlights spread throughout help give the look dimension without overpowering the colour.

Looking After Caramel Hair

While all of our products are formulated with our patented Anti-Fade complex to care for colour-treated hair, if you want to use something that’s more targeted, try spritzing it with a leave-in treatment like Color Fanatic Multitasking Spray. To keep it colourful all season long, use it as a primer to protect against UV damage and general colour fading before layering on the rest of your hair styling products.


The Money Piece


What is a Money Piece and How Does it Relate to Hair?

You've probably seen it and not known what to call it: two distinct highlighted sections of hair framing either side of the face, usually in bright blonde streaks and sometimes coloured. There's a bit of debate about whether the 'money' part relates to showcasing your assets for everyone to see, or is referring to the money you save by lightening less hair. Either way, the money piece trend is set to stick around or even become more popular in 2023, thanks to trends like e-girl looks and a 90s fashion comeback.

Hair Care Routine for Your Money Piece

The most common look for a money piece is lightened strands of blonde hair. Because of this, the Strength Cure Blonde shampoo and conditioner are your friends for maintaining tone and brightening these pieces of hair. If you decided to pop some colour over your money pieces, rest assured that any product from our hair care range is great for your hair, but you may benefit even more from restoring moisture with the Hydrate range.


Chunky Highlights a la y2k


Origin of the Chunky Highlights Trend

Standout, chunky highlights had their heyday in the 90s (think Olsen twins, Miley Cyrus) and are making a strong comeback, sometimes with a modern twist, as people feel less of a need to make hair look natural or subtle.

Looking After Chunky Highlights

We've mentioned how great we think the Strength Cure Blonde system is for lightened hair, and if you're going for a chunky highlights look, this is no different! Enjoy the amazing aromatherapy blend of Pear, Rose and Sandalwood while you nourish your statement look.


Chocolate Brown Balayage


A Tasty Hair Trend Treat - Chocolate Brown Balayage

For brunettes that want to liven up their hair colour with a soft balayage, try the chocolate hair trend. It packs a variety of deep rich brown tones, so you won’t get bored of it anytime soon. Light ends and a dark base means less upkeep, so touch-ups with your stylist can be a breeze as your hair grows into this low maintenance trend.

Managing Chocolate Brown Balayage Hair

Since the ends of this look are on the lighter side, your stylist might need to lift your hair. To keep it touchably soft in the process, use Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner. Thanks to a powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin, hair can be restored and benefit from colour protection.

If you'd like to learn more about looking after your fresh new hair trend in 2023, have aread of our Tips to Maintain Hair Colour. While you're refreshing your hair colour, you may always want to Refresh Your Hair Styling Products. New year, new you!

With so many standout trends to try, find your local Pureology salon today and chat to an expert stylist near you.


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