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6 Essential Tips for Post Workout Hair Care

Does your hair feel limp, frizzy, or unmanageable after hitting the gym? How do you take care of hair when working out everyday? Revive and refresh your hair with our tips on how to take care of hair after workout sessions.

Nothing gets us excited quite like a good workout. However, could a few of our after gym hair care habits be damaging to our hair? In truth, yes.

By making your post-workout routine more efficient for your hair, you can help to ensure that your hair stays healthy and full of life. Here are 6 tips for hair care after exercise.

Tip #1: Using Elastics On Wet Hair

While it may seem like there is no harm in throwing your wet hair into a quick bun after a shower, those tight elastics can actually cause your hair to become thin or even break over time. The reason for this is that your hair is the most sensitive to damage while it’s wet. If there is a tight elastic tugging on its ends, then those strands can snap. If you want to skip blow-drying your hair after your workout, simply leave your hair down and allow it to air dry naturally. If you can't avoid getting hair out of your face while it's still wet, reach for a headband with subtle stretch or a gentler spiral hairtie.


Tip #2: Keep An Extra Hair Accessory in Your Gym Bag

Wearing a hat or scrunchie can be a great way to keep your hair out of your sweaty face and body while you work out and simplify your after gym hair care routine. However, those same sweat-drenched accessories have no business in your hair once you leave the gym. Think of these accessories as another piece of clothing. If your clothing is too sweaty that you wouldn’t wear it out of the gym, the same rule should apply to your hair accessories. Not only is it just going to feel gross on your head, but those hats and scarfs can actually trap or transfer sweat and bacteria onto your strands. Instead, either grab a fresh and clean fabric accessory for some gentle hair care after exercise.


Tip #3: Use A Hair Product to Manage Frizz and Tangles

Why does hair get so frizzy and tangled after a workout? Similar to being in humid weather, sweat produced during your workout contacts your hair strands and raises the cuticle, giving it the appearance of frizz and making it prone to getting tangled. Whether your hair care post workout consists of showering or just smoothing frizz on the go, throw the Color Fanatic Mult-Tasking Leave-In Spray in your gym bag for on the go detangling, rehydration, strengthening and repair.

Once you’re out of the shower, towel dry your hair until most of the moisture is gone, spritz your hair with the detangler and then use a wide toothed comb to gently remove any knots. Be sure to work your way from the bottom up when brushing in order to prevent unnecessary breakage. Think your hair may need a bit more help to tame frizz? No worries! Just reach for a smoothing, anti-frizz shine serum for added dimension.


Tip #4: Dry Shampoo To Revive Your Sweaty, Oily Hair

Is your hair dripping with sweat after your workout? If so, turn to your towel before you turn to your dry shampoo. While dry shampoos are amazing for soaking up excess oil, they can’t be expected to make your wet hair dry. Instead, use your towel to soak up any lingering sweat in your hair before you use your oil-absorbing dry shampoo. You can also consider blow drying or air drying if you have the time. Removing excess moisture first allows the product to do its job effectively without adding excess product buildup to your strands.

Not only is a spritz of sweat-absorbing dry shampoo essential for hair care post workout, it can also be your secret weapon before starting exercise while hair is still dry. Get extra tips on how to use dry shampoo properly in our hair care guide.


Tip #5: Washing

While we don't always love the smell that sometimes accompanies sweat, it serves a very important function in helping us to keep cool during a workout. Should you be washing it out after every workout even if that means several days a week, or multiple times a day for elite athletes? The answer depends on a number of factors like how well you can dry hair afterwards and what kind of workout you did (the answer is always yes if you've had a swim in a chlorinated pool!).

For how to take care of hair when working out everyday, keep these general rules in mind:

- Aim to use dry shampoo first to prolong time between washes
- If dry shampoo isn't going to cut it, then rinse sweat out with water at a minimum
- Wash with your favourite hair care products often as you normally would, or increase the frequency only slightly if you're noticing oil is building up faster than usual
- If you're noticing dryness due to amping up your hair washing routine, use moisturising hair products like the Hydrate range to restore and nourish.


Tip #6: Brush Your Hair After A Workout

Take advantage of the natural oils in your hair post-workout by using a boar bristle brush to comb your strands. Doing this after a workout can break up any congestion at your roots and help to distribute those same oils to the middle and ends of your hair. While this isn’t always necessary for oilier hair types, it is a great way to hydrate dry strands.

Remember to clean your brush periodically to combat bacteria buildup!


Now that you're an expert in how to take care of hair after workout sessions, help your muscles to relax by setting yourself up for a relaxing at home spa night in our step by step guide. Looking for more hair care tips and tricks? Check out our Pure Inspiration blog.


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